Rainbow After the Storm

Rainbow After the Storm is an award-winning mental
health support group and Community Interest Company


Great news!

Help raise some funds for Rainbow via Crowdfunder with matched funding from the Co-op!

Dear friends

“Rainbow after the storm CIC changes lives” “Thank you I am feeling so much better about myself now” “Instead of feeling anxious all of the time I can now find ways to feel more in control which lets me feel calmer”

These are some of the wonderful comments we have had about the work we have done over the last 3 years (Can you believe its been 3 years!!) NOW Rainbow once gain wants to help out this time during the cost of living crisis and offer more FREE resources and FREE classes so COOP have arranged Matched Funding via Crowdfunder (link below)

For every donation made towards this project COOP will match it up to £250. Only 1 donation per supporter will be matched.

We have also added a bonus for £5, £10 & £20+ donations we will send you via email a copy of our Rainbow workbooks (see link for details of which ones available)

We have 7.2K members on our page ❤️

Imagine how much we could raise for Rainbow if we are able to make even a £1 donation.

Then the co-op matches it, we could do sooooo much for our community,.

We know times are really hard at the moment for ALL of us, but if you could just give ONE POUND it would help soooo much ❤️🙏

Our feedback has been unbelievable, so many people making new friends, people who are lonely, being able to chat about our worries and know we are not being judged.

Please help us to help our community 🙏❤️

Hope you have read this far 😂 and you will help and a great big thank you in advance for your support ❤️


Help raise some funds for Rainbow via Crowdfunder with matched funding from the Co-op!



Are you looking for gifts with meaning? By buying from Rainbow you are supporting others with their mental health plus getting gorgeous presents or treats. All boxes are put together with love and can be created with your ideas and sent direct with a personalised card if it makes your life easier… email us on info@rainbowafterthestorm.org or order direct at www.rainbowafterthestorm.org All prices exclude p&p.

Before I tell you about Rainbow, let’s get a promo in first !!

We have created booklets to cover areas that are often requested the most in our classes. Each workbook has been road tested in classes and have been amended, tweaked and occasionally restarted, so that we can bring you the best versions available.

Our latest is called A Little Me Time.

Topics include:

Help with Sleep

Mindfulness moments

Finding me

Time to pause

How to say ‘No’

Beating the winter blues

NEW Time for me

This 22 page A6 booklet fits nicely in any handbag or pocket and is packed with lots of self care ideas.

A collection of worksheets, prompts and ideas this is the perfect way to spend a little you time.

A great gift for somebody who is struggling right now.

Go to Rainbow’s online shop to order a copy or two. Only £2.50 each plus delivery. You can also see what else we currently have on offer.

Our Boss Lady Nicky has worked round the clock to create this latest booklet and having been able to read through it ahead of production I can fully recommended it to everyone. And your purchase supports the ongoing work of Rainbow After the Storm Where Mental Health Matters.

Join us on Facebook and YouTube.

We now have some free resources on the website. Click here for more details.

About Rainbow

Rainbow After the Storm was set up by personal wellbeing and business coach and teacher Nicky Price during the first UK lockdown after the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020. As a forward-thinking individual, Nicky realised the community would need support for mental health and wellbeing during the biggest peace-time change to daily living in a generation.

Nicky started out with a live Facebook video walk with her dogs and invited members of the public to join her virtually as she reassured everybody that there is help out there for people struggling with the stress of being told to stay at home. Since then, a worldwide membership of 7,500 and counting can log into a private Facebook page to chat and share their thoughts, feelings and anxieties in a safe environment, an environment where they can also receive and offer support to and from other members.

Nicky also teaches wellbeing classes on subjects like mindfulness, meditation and general healthy living and also runs Rainbow Wellbeing Warriors, a ladies-only group to help with self care.

And for a bit of fun and chill out at the end of the week, a live Friday Disco with her husband Justin (aka Mr P, who has a remarkable resemblance to our Padre looking after his Friday Flock!), with Pricey’s Picks music guessing game to test your knowledge.

At the Community Re-awards ceremony in January 2021, Nicky became the Covid-19 Hero 2021 award winner. Nine months earlier she received a BBC North West Tonight Everyday Hero certificate. After the Community Re-awards event, Rainbow After the Storm was nominated for Community Champions in the Warrington Guardian Lockdown Heroes Awards on 30 April 2021.

Nicky with two of her certificates for her achievements during lockdown.

I was delighted to accept the invitation to be one of the group’s Directors in February 2021. I am now also its Treasurer and ‘Promotions Manager’ plus – well – whatever other job Nicky can squeeze onto my ID card! Actually, it’s easy to get it onto the card, it’s just not easy wearing it on the bus as it is five feet wide!

As we all move forward, Rainbow After the Storm wishes to offer continued support to the community as we re-adjust to going out again, getting our lives back on track and making some new friends along the way.

If you are an individual who feels they can benefit from the private Facebook page, then look for our ‘Rainbow After the Storm Where Mental Health Matters’ page (rather than our ‘Rainbow After The Storm Your Mental Health Matters’ one – although you are very welcome to visit there too!), read and accept the group rules, especially rules 4 and 9 about privacy – no sharing outside the group, and join the expanding Rainbow Family with members in Canada, Australia, South Africa, USA, Wales and, oh yes, Mansfield and London in England too.

If you are a business who might wish to sponsor or support Rainbow After the Storm, whether by direct financial assistance to help with administration costs, such as wellbeing classes or with discounted schemes for members, then please visit the website and get in touch with us.

Rainbow After the Storm. Where Mental Health Matters.