1900 – 1999

1900 – 1909

1900 Alliance Box Co Ltd established on Orford Lane.

1900 Electricity power plant built on the northern bank of the Mersey.

1900 OCT 1 The town becomes a County Borough.

1900 OCT 11 Burtonwood cemetery officially opened on Chapel Lane.

1900 First aerial photograph of Warrington taken from a hot air balloon. It features Greenall’s Brewery at Wilderspool.

1901 Population 64,701 (Census).

1901 Our Lady of the Assumption Church, St Mary’s Street, Latchford, founded.

1901 Police station rebuilt on Arpley Street.

1901 SEP 3 Warrington Athletic Club was formed at the Bridge Inn public house. The pub used to stand next to the bridge at the bottom of Wilderspool Causeway and was demolished in 1910. The group grew out of the Warrington Harriers, which was established in 1884. The word ‘Harriers’ was dropped from the club’s title ‘Warrington Harriers & Athletic Club’ to become ‘Warrington Athletic Club’ in the 1950’s.

1902 Electric tramways started on the streets of Warrington.

1902 OCT 28 New Municipal Technical School opened.

1903 Warrington Golf Club established.

1903 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show came to town.

1903 JUN 8 Fire at Fleming’s Tannery.

1903 AUG 21 Fire at Greenhalgh & Co, Church Street.

1903 Sankey Recreation Ground opened.

1905 JUN 27 The ‘Beautiful Warrington’ Society held its first meeting.

1905 The area’s first municipal bowling green was opened at Victoria Park in 1905.

1905 Warrington Rugby Club win the Northern Union Cup.

1905 MAR 9 Fire at Mortimer’s Tannery.

1906 DEC 25 Royal Court Theatre burnt down.

1907 St Elphin’s Park purchased by the Borough and opened to the public.

1907 Warrington Rugby Club win the Northern Union Cup for the second time.

1907 JAN 31 Warrington Infirmary extension foundation stone laid.

1907 FEB 21 Warrington’s Boer War Memorial and a statue of Col. W McCarthy O’Leary, unveiled by General
Butler in Queens Gardens. O’Leary St in Orford named after him.

1907 JUL 17 Fire at Naylor’s Howley saw mills causes £20,000 of damage.

1907 AUG 7 Warrington’s Royal Court Theatre re-opened after a fire.

1907 SEP 21 Palace and Hippodrome Theatre opened.

1908 MAR 19 Warrington Infirmary extension opened by Lord Cross.

1908 MAR 30 Last of the Bridge Street old houses cleared away before the street was widened.

1908 APR 4 The Warrington Volunteers held their last parade through the town.

1908 JUL 19 The 4th Battalion, the Prince of Wales Volunteers, held their first church parade.

1908 Springfield Street post office built (after it closed it became Le Frog Bistro restaurant and is now The Grill on the Square restaurant. The Royal Mail sorting office is now on Milner Street, the post office is in Golden Square).

1908 JAN First cinema in Warrington opened at 22 Golborne Street. It closed October the same year.

1908 Garden Suburbs inaugurated. Bewsey estate was the first.

1908 Bolton Council School, Latchford, opened.

1908 Bridge Street widening scheme completed.

1909 JUL 6 King Edward, Queen Alexandria and Princess Victoria visited the town.

1909 Persil soap powder first manufactured at Bank Quay.


1910 Proclamation of King George V at the Town Hall.

1910 AUG 9 Fire at Mortimer’s Tannery, Orford.

1911 JAN 19 ‘Orient Missionary Exhibition’ opened at Parr Hall.

1911 JAN 21 ‘Walking the Boundary’ first held in Penketh. Click here for a history of Penketh.

1911 FEB 6 Sousa’s Celebrated Band performed at Warrington Hippodrome.

1911 FEB 9 The Infirm Block of Warrington Workhouse opened.

1911 FEB 17 Inaugural meeting of the Warrington branch of the Ladies Association.

1911 MAR 25 Building work started on Grappenhall Garden City homes.

1911 APR 24 Lady Greenall gives Warrington a chain for use by the Mayoress.

1911 APR 29 Bowling pavilion at Horse & Jockey Hotel opened.

1911 MAY 3 Warrington ‘Band of Hope’ held a Grand Fair at the Parr Hall.

1911 JUN 2 Warrington Corporation Bill received Royal Assent.

1911 MAY 30 Professor Boyd Dawkins unveils a plaque at Wilderspool to mark the site of the Roman Camp.

1911 AUG 19 Sanatorium for consumption sufferers was opened in Sankey.

1911 SEP 14 Warrington’s ‘Women’s Tariff Reform League’ had a day out at New Brighton!

1911 Lovely Lane Recreation Ground opened.

1911 SEP 28 The effects of the Greenall family from Walton Hall were auctioned off.

1911 OCT 5 Pile-driving ceremony to start Warrington’s new bridge.

1911 OCT 6 ‘Colours’ of the South Lancashire Regiment deposited in Warrington Parish Church.

1911 OCT 14 Anti-Home Rule Movement held its first open air meeting at Bridge Foot.

1911 Population 73,311 (Census).

1912 Howley suspension bridge opened.

1912 APR 25 Fire at Garton’s Seed Warehouse.

1912 AUG 20 First aeroplane lands in Warrington. It was a Bleriot monoplane piloted by Mr B. C. Hucks who touched down in Victoria Park.

1912 Evelyn Street Council School, Liverpool Road, opened.

1913 JUL 7 The current stone bridge at Bridge Foot was erected. On a visit to the town by King George V and Queen Mary, the king officially opened the first section of the bridge. The bridge was completed in 1915 and is the 6th on the site.

1913 Woolworth’s store opened on Sankey Street in the building previously occupied by Garnett’s. Closed down in January 2009 when the chain store collapsed across the UK.

1913 DEC 24 “Thomas Burton”, one of the town’s motorised fire engines, is first used at a fire.

1913 British Aluminium Company established at Bank Quay.

1913 Stockton Heath Lawn Tennis Club founded.

1913 First motorbuses purchased.

1914 JUL 28 John Crosfield Memorial Hall opened.

1914-18 The total number of casualties from the South Lancashire Regiment in the First World War was 5,500.

1915 FEB 15 The first car drives over the new (6th) Warrington Bridge at Bridge Foot.

1915 NOV Buttermarket Street widening completed.

1915 JUL 22 Fire rages through Parkinson’s Manor Tannery in Latchford causing £24,000 damage.

1916 MAR 1 Wood’s College (shorthand) opened at 15 Bridge Street (over bank)

1917 AUG 4 Orford Park opened to the public.

1917 JUL 22 Fire at Messrs. Parkinson, Manor Tannery.

1917 AUG 27 Fire at Carter & Sons, Bridge Street.

1918 Rev Canon M. Linton Smith, DD, is consecrated as first Bishop Suffragan of Warrington. A suffragan bishop is an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese.

1919 Influenza epidemic hits Warrington – many died.

1919 JAN 16 Fire at Alliance Box Works.


1920 Miss C. H. Broadbent became first woman town councillor.

1920 First public tennis court opened at Victoria Park.

1921 JUL 7 The Prince of Wales visits the town.

1921 JUN 22 Fire at Joseph Crosfield & Sons, paper & box stores.

1921 OCT 1 Fire at Tilling & Gray, Bewsey Street.

1921 Population 76,811 (Census).

1921 Adoption of the “Open Access” system at the Public Library.

1921 AUG 25 Sanatorium at Hefferston Grange opened.

1921 OCT 27 Henry Woods, famous Warrington-born artist, died in Venice.

1921 OCT 30 Territorial War Memorial unveiled by Earl of Derby.

1922 APR 26 Blue Coat School removed to “Oaklands” Preston Brook.

1923 Charles Dukes becomes Warrington’s first Labour MP.

1923 JAN Grappenhall Women’s Institute formed.

1924 MAR 20  Warrington, Widnes and District Society for the Blind is founded. They open the Workshop for the Blind on Museum Street. In 2012 they moved to Fairfield Neighbourhood building on Fairfield Street.

1925 NOV 8 War Memorial unveiled at Bridge Foot.

1926 Black Bear Bridge rebuilt on the newly widened Knutsford Road.

1926 SEP 16 Boteler Grammar School and Warrington Secondary amalgamated.

1927 FEB 26 Sir Luke Fildes, Royal painter, and student at the Warrington School of Art, died. Read his profile in Warrington People.

1927 DEC 24 Warrington under 6 inches of snow for a white Christmas.

1927 JUL Bewsey council houses first occupied.

1927 St Oswald’s Church, Padgate, opened.

1927 Warrington Rotary Club founded. Link to the international Rotary organisation here.

1928 Bewsey Park was opened up to the public.

1928 JUN 29 Warrington Walking Day “washed out” for the first time.

1928 Speedway racing, formerly known as Dirt Track racing, was staged in Warrington in its pioneering era between 1928 and 1930. The track entered a team in the 1929 English Dirt Track League and the 1930 Northern League. Efforts to revive the venue in 1947 failed to materialise.

1929 Land for Bruche Park Recreation Ground purchased by Council.


1930 JAN 13 Rev Morley Stevenson, founder of ‘Beautiful Warrington’, died.

1931 Population 79,322 (Census).

1931 OCT 28 Museum and Library extension opened.

1931 St Augustine’s Church, Latchford, opened.

1932 MAY 21 Haig Homes, Great Sankey, opened. They were gifted by Lt. Col. George R. Crosfield and one was called Crosfield Court. See more here.

1932 Oct 26 Bewsey Junior School opened.

1932 NOV 24 The Prince of Wales visited the town. During his time he visited Haig Homes in Great Sankey to meet with residents, one of whom was the grandfather of Peter Spilsbury of Peter’s Gallery.

1933 Masonic Temple opened.

1933 Warrington Corporation boundaries extended to include parts of Winwick and Hulme, Burtonwood, Sankey, Grappenhall and Walton, amongst others.

1934 Kingsway Bridge, Latchford, opened.

1934 Bewsey Senior School opened (I was educated there, not in 1934 though!).

1934 Richard Fairclough School opened.

1934 SEP 28 Rail disaster at Winwick Junction. 11 killed, 20 injured.

1935 AUG 28 Motorbuses replace the trams. Last Latchford to Warrington tram ran as electric tram routes close.

1935 Orford Hall demolished.

1936 Warrington Cine Society formed (renamed Warrington Cine and Video Society in 1982).

1937 Thames Board Mills opened.

1937 Odeon cinema built on Buttermarket Street. The site is now occupied by The Looking Glass (J D Wetherspoon) pub, which was a former Yates Wine Lodge.

1937 JUL 4 Bent’s Garden Centre in Glazebury opened for business.

1938 Market Gate roundabout completed.

1938 MAY 18 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) visited the town.

1934 OCT 23 Lord Daresbury died.

1939 RAF Depot at Padgate opened (closed in 1957). Site is now a housing estate and recreation ground.

1939 MAY 8 Town Clerk, Mr A. T. Hallaway, killed in road accident.


1940 New Boteler Grammar School opened.

1940 RAF Burtonwood opened and became fully operational later in the year.

1940 Royal Ordnance Factory opens at Risley. The site is now occupied by the district of Birchwood.

1940 JUN 4 As part of a security drive, all road signs were removed in case of invasion.

1940 SEP 14 Thames Board Mills recreation ground hit by bombs. Children were among the casualties.

1940 The Grange, Thelwall, given by Sir Peter Rylands to Warrington Infirmary for use as a convalescent home.

1941 Population c75,990 (no Census – wartime).

1941 MAY 18 Petty Officer A. E. Sephton from Warrington died. He was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC).

1941 Walton Hall Estate bought for £19,000.

1942 Walker Fountain and Bank Park railings sacrificed for the war effort.

1943 Laporte chemical works opened at Lower Walton.

1943 South Lancashire Regimental Chapel dedicated in Warrington Parish Church.

1944 MAR 6 American Air Force began daylight raids on Berlin from Burtonwood.

1945 MAY 15 Twelve G.I. Brides held their wedding day in Warrington.

1945 JUL 17 Street lighting switched back on after the wartime blackout.

1945 Walton Gardens opened to the public.

1945 Brian Bevan began his Warrington rugby league career.

1946 Higher education at Padgate begins on 9 September. The campus is now known as University of Chester, Warrington Campus.

1947 Warrington celebrates a hundred years as a borough.

1947 Prime Minister Clement Attlee unveiled Warrington Parish Church Regimental Memorial.

1948 Warrington’s first Labour M.P. Lord Dukeston, died.

1948 SEP 12 United States Air Force reoccupied Burtonwood Air Base.

1948 OCT 22 Sir Peter Rylands died.

1949 JUN 21 Warrington HF Rambling Club founded by George Newbold.

1949 Padgate Training College opened.


1950 Princess Margaret opened the Boys Club on Rodney Street.

1950 JAN 28 Asian Flu hits Warrington. Hundreds off work.

1950 MAY Stockton Heath Dramatic Society was founded.

1950 MAY 6 Warrington beat Widnes 19-0 to win the Rugby League Challenge Cup at Wembley.

1951 Town’s Festival of Britain Industrial Exhibition.

1952 The Grand Cinema on Wilderspool Causeway closed.

1952 Comedy legends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy visit The Ritz theatre (now Mr Smiths) in their tour of Britain.

1952 Warrington Boys Club was founded in Orford Lane. It is now known as Warrington Youth Club and has been based at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace in Great Sankey since 2001.

1953 School crossing patrols began in the town after the School Crossing Act of 1953 was introduced.

1953 APR 9 Warrington Guardian newspaper centenary.

1953 Apr 24 Official opening of Dallam County Primary School.

1953 Oct 31 St Mark’s Church, Dallam, founded.

1953 DEC 19 Frances, Lady Daresbury, died. She was previously known as Lady Greenall.

1954 Cllr Mrs M Hardman elected first female Mayor.

1954 MAY 5 Warrington beat Halifax 8-4 in the Cup Final replay at Bradford.

1954 MAY 10 Long Lane County Primary School officially opened.

1954 DEC 6 New Junior and Infants School, Newchurch opened. (Closed August 1993.)

1955 MAY 14 Warrington Rugby League Football Club win Championship.

1954 MAY 18 Newchurch Hospital School opened.

1956 MAY 21 Last meeting of Warrington’s Greyhound Racing Association at the Warrington greyhound track.

1957 MAY 16 Wilderspool Bridge opened, ending years of delay on the old level crossing.

1957 JUL 1 Warrington-based Watsons Solicitors opened up for business on Bold Street in the town centre.

1957 SEP 9 Council gives permission to clear away the Plague House at 57 Wash Lane, Latchford.

1957 Warrington’s Automatic Telephone Exchange opened.

1957 NOV 8 Warrington High School for Girls, Menin Avenue, Wilderspool officially opened. (Now Priestley College.)

1957 Ken Dodd first topped the bill at the Royal Court Theatre in Warrington.

1958 APR 26 Bus tickets on a roll first introduced at Warrington by North Western Buses.

1958 MAY 6 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, visited.

1958 SEP 4 Arpley Railway Station finally closed. It originally closed on 16 November 1868 but was forced to reopen on 2 October 1871 after a legal challenge.

1958 South Lancs and East Lancs Regiments amalgamated to become the Lancashire Regiment.

1959 OCT 3 Warrington post codes came into general use.


1960 Peter Walker’s brewery merged with Tetley of Leeds to become Tetley Walker.

1960 Warrington Wire player Eric Fraser became the first club member to captain a Great Britain rugby side.

1960 Royal Court Theatre demolished.

1961 OCT 6 Fox Covert cemetery officially opened on Red Lane, Appleton.

1961 Kenyon Junction railway station, northwest of Culcheth, closed.

1962 Railway line from Widnes to Altrincham, via Warrington, closed.

1962 Brian Bevan plays his 620th, and final, game for Warrington Rugby League Club.

1962 JAN 22 Tetley Sports and Social Club on Long Lane/Fisher Ave, Orford, is officially opened by Lord Brocket.

1963 Thelwall Viaduct over the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal opened.

1963 DEC 25 The Rolling Stones performed at the Parr Hall.

1963 DEC Warrington Hospital League of Friends founded.

1964 APR 20 Walton Lea Crematorium officially opened on Chester Road, Higher Walton.

1965 FIAT car manufacturers set up their importing base for the northwest on Hawley’s Lane (now Alban Retail Park). The site was closed down in June 2011 and the land was purchased by the retail park.

1965 Moors murderer Myra Hindley was held on remand at Risley Prison whilst awaiting trial with Ian Brady. They were jailed for life in May 1966 and she died on 15 November 2002. Brady died on 15 May 2017.

1965 FEB 5 Five inches of snow in under two hours. Traffic badly affected.

1965 MAR 24 Culcheth Library officially opened.

1965 APR 4 Penketh & Great Sankey Boys’ Club opened.

1965 APR 26 Croft Village Memorial Hall foundation stone laid.

1965 MAY 17 Risley Remand Centre opens (now HM Prison Risley).

1965 SEP 8 Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) performed at the Red Lion pub on Bridge Street. His fee was a cheque for £12! Other stars to appear in the town during those days include Billy Connolly with Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) as The Humblebums, West End star Barbara Dixon, Mike Harding (now-presenter on BBC Radio Manchester) and Warrington band The Minor Bird Folk Song Group.

1965 OCT ’Greater Warrington’ boundaries announced. Risley chosen for 40,000 overspill. It was formerly the site of the munitions factory during the Second World War.

1965 OCT 13 £63,000 extension to Central Library, Museum Street officially opened.

1965 OCT 13 Orford Library officially opened.

1965/66 Knutsford Road, Latchford, widened to cope with traffic.

1966 JAN 5 Death of cricketer George Duckworth, Lancashire & England wicket keeper.

1966 JAN 6 St Alban’s R C Junior School opened, Bewsey Road, opened to pupils.

1966 Market Gate traffic roundabout removed.

1966 Apr 16 The last steam train on the Manchester Central to Liverpool Central line via Warrington runs.

1966 JUL The Brazil World Cup football squad stay at The Lymm Hotel during the championships.

1966 Mr Jack Cooper became Baron Cooper of Stockton Heath.

1966 AUG Roman buildings and furnaces found in archaeological dig at Wilderspool.

1966 AUG 30 Bruche County Junior School, opened.

1966 SEP 19 Official opening of St Werburgh’s C of E School, Wilderspool.

1966 NOV 18 Death of historian and mayor Austin M. Crowe, writer of Warrington Ancient and Modern, published in 1947.

1967 Inquiry into Warrington New Town proposals.

1967 Daresbury by-pass (the A56) opened.

1967 MAY 20 RAF Burtonwood stages an open day.

1967 MAY 23 New £3m Tetley Walker brewery opened on Dallam Lane (closed in 1996).

1967 JUN 2 £1m extension to Padgate teacher Training College opened (originally opened in 1949, now part of University of Chester campus, Fearnhead).

1967 Oct 20 Mr John Daubeney Whitley died in Hatton, Cheshire. He was Chairman of the family brewing company Greenall Whitley until 1965.

1967 Music group The Fairytale becomes the first Warrington band to appear on television. They featured on First Timers.

1967 SEP Lymm and District Local History Society founded.

1967 OCT 3 Plans for a new high level crossing of the Manchester Ship Canal near Stockton Heath were announced. It was never built.

1967/8 Old bed of River Mersey off Wilderspool Causeway filled in. River Road was built and named after the spot where the old river course flowed.

1968 Arpley railway station building demolished.

1968 APR 27 Warrington Cricket Club played its first match at Warrington Sports Club in Walton.

1968 MAY 17 Queen Elizabeth II visited town – for 20 minutes. Thanks for sparing the time!

1968 Appleton County Grammar School opened.

1968 Warrington received New Town status.

1968 Lymm Library opened. (Face-lift in March 1989.)

1968 JUL 16 Burtonwood Library officially opened.

1968 JUL 20 James Lee House on Brick Street officially opened.

1968 JUL 25 £50,000 Adult Training School, Festival Avenue, Orford, officially opened.

1968 AUG 19 Cllr Mrs M Hardman, Warrington’s first female Mayor, died.

1968 SEP 18 Woolston Library opened.

1968 OCT 24 Penketh Library officially opened. (Refit Aug – Nov 1989.)

1968 Warrington Model Railway Club held its first exhibition at the Ritz cinema at Bridge foot.

1968 Bridge over Sankey Brook on Liverpool Road built to replace Buttermilk Bridge.

1968 NOV 15 Warrington branch of Lions International founded.

1969 Warrington New Town Draft Master Plan published.

1969 FEB 5 Lymm Young Conservatives founded at Spread Eagle Hotel.

1969 FEB 7 Nine inches of snow brings traffic chaos.

1969 FEB 14 £20,000 Grappenhall and District Ex-Servicemen’s Club opened.

1969 FEB 22 Opening of Padgate Conservative Club.

1969 MAR Warrington Development Corporation Board appointed.

1969 Technical College on Winwick Road opened (now Warrington Collegiate and rebuilt on the same site).

1969 Warrington Borough Police merged with Lancashire County Police.

1969 JUN 6 Appleton Hall Grammar School was officially opened.

1969 JUN 26 Opening of £330,000 10m gallon Appleton underground reservoir.

1969 AUG 1 Greystone Heath Boy’s School, Penketh officially opened.

1969 DEC 30 Combined Health Centre and School Clinic opened in Penketh.


1970 Warrington Municipal Golf Course opened.

1970 Liverpool Road by-pass (A57) opened.

1970 JAN Twiss Green County Primary (Culcheth), Broomfields County Junior (Appleton) and Croft County Primary schools opened this month.

1970 Fiddlers Ferry Power Station became operational.

1970 APR 4 Carmen Apostolic Church, Slater Street, Latchford, dedicated.

1970 APR 4 Padgate Venture Scouts Unit opened.

1970 MAY 7 Church of the Ascension, Woolston consecrated.

1970 MAY 14 Walton Hall Municipal Golf Course formally opened (9 holes only). Extended to 18 holes and fully opened on 15 June 1975.

1970 JUN Traffic Wardens introduced into the town.

1970 JUN 26 Opening of £25,000 bottling plant at Burtonwood Brewery.

1970 SEP 30 Our Lady’s R. C. School, Wash Lane, Latchford, officially opened.

1971 Cheshire Motorway (M56), eastern and western ends, opened.

1971 Work began on a 13-mile section of the Lancashire and Yorkshire motorway (M62) between Tarbock and Risley.

1971 JAN 18 Croft County Primary School opened.

1971 FEB 15 Decimal currency introduced in the UK.

1971 APR British Nuclear Fuels Ltd formed from Production Group of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (U.K.A.E.A.).

1971 Bruche Hall demolished.

1971 APR 7 Orford Youth Centre opened.

1971 SEP 14 Official opening of St John’s R.C. Secondary School, Latchford.

1971 OCT 1 The last service took place at Risley Presbyterian Chapel prior to demolition.

1971 DEC Lymm Lions International founded.

1971 DEC 17 Warrington Arts Council founded.

1972 Work begins on the central section of the Cheshire motorway (M56) between Preston Brook and Bowdon.

1972 Risley munitions factory demolished.

1972 Warrington Festival began (no longer operative).

1972 FEB 21 Foundation stone for new market in Bank Street laid by the Mayor (Cllr H. Whitehead).

1972 First New Town homes built at Longbarn near Padgate.

1972 APR 12 Official opening of Hilden House, Sankey Street.

1972 JUN Houghton Green Community Centre opened. The town’s first.

1972 JUN 17 £12,500 extension to Croft Memorial Hall officially opened.

1972 JUL 10 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School opens on Selby Street in Whitecross.

1972 JUL 28 Two houses struck by thunderbolt in Grasmere Avenue, Orford. No injuries.

1972 SEP 10 Woolston Community Centre officially opened.

1972 OCT The construction of the £39,500 parish hall at Rixton with Glazebrook was completed.

1972 DEC 15 Winwick Library formally opened.

1973 First No 1 District Council and Cheshire County Council elected.

1973 New District General Hospital approved.

1973 New Gatewarth Farm Sewage Works and intercepting sewer opened.

1973 The 1850 Bold Street Wesleyan Church demolished.

1973 JUN New Town Outline Plan accepted by Whitehall.

1973 Work begins on Golden Square shopping centre (the “North West Quadrant” section of town centre, as it was known).

1973 Sandy Lane Community Centre, Stockton Heath opened.

1973 Sankey Street (section between Bold Street and Market Gate) closed to traffic.

1973 Aug 2 Friends Alan Barker from Fearnhead and Sean Kelly from Woolston were among 80 people who lost their lives when a £2 million fire destroyed the Summerland indoor entertainment and leisure centre in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

1973 SEP 29 Youth & Community Centre, Ackers Lane, Stockton Heath opened.

1973 NOV 30 M62 section from M6 at Tarbock to Prescot opened.

1974 Warrington section of the West Coast Mainline electrified.

1974 Warrington Technical College (Warrington Collegiate Institute nowadays) was built on Winwick Road (it has since been rebuilt on adjacent land).

1974 Croft to Eccles section of the M62 opened.

1974 FEB 12 Bellhouse Lane Community Centre, Grappenhall opened.

1974 APR 1 Warrington came under Cheshire in parliamentary boundary changes. The Lancashire county border stays intact. The town became a unitary authority in 1998.

1974 New council receives Borough Charter from Lord Leverhulme.

1974 MAY 11 Warrington beat Featherstone Rovers 24-9 in the Challenge Cup Final in front of 77,400 spectators at Wembley.

1974 Work started on Birchwood New Town housing estate (on the site of the former Risley munitions factory).

1974 JUL 19 The new Warrington Market officially opened in Bank Street.

1974 SEP 3 The Forge Shopping Precinct opened in Stockton Heath.

1974 DEC Lymm to Bowdon section of M56 motorway opened.

1975 FEB 1 Meeting Lane Leisure Centre, Penketh opened.

1975 MAY 17 Bold Street Methodist Church opened, replacing the 1850s version demolished two years earlier.

1975 APR 7 St Bridget’s R.C. Primary School officially opened on Capesthorne Road, Blackbrook.

1975 APR 14 Legh Street multi-storey car park opened. Demolition began 3 April 2006 to make way for the extension of Golden Square shopping centre.

1975 MAY 5 Warrington lost out to Widnes 14-7 in the Rugby League Challenge Cup at Wembley. It was my one and only visit to the old Wembley stadium.

1975 JUN 20 & 27 Warrington Guardian published emergency 4p editions due to strike action.

1975 JUL 1 Woolston Leisure Centre Swimming Baths opened.

1975 JUL 16 M56 Motorway south of Warrington completed. Lymm to Preston Brook section opened first.

1975 JUL 21 Warrington was converted to natural gas.

1975 DEC 14 Padgate Community Centre formally opened.

1976 FEB 19 First phase of the Inner Ring Road from Sankey Street to Horsemarket Street (Golborne Street) opened.

1976 JUN 22 Warrington Market multi-storey car park opened.

1976 The longest and hottest summer on record so far. Temperatures reach 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade for Walking Day (Jul 2).

1976 JUL A 1,600-year-old lead-lined coffin found near Stockton Heath Swing Bridge.

1976 Jul 7 Many areas flooded after thunderstorm following a long drought.

1976 JUL 13 Rabbit and Cavey Club founded (yeah, I haven’t got a clue what it is either!).

1976 JUL 21-23 A total of 25,000 attend the RAF Burtonwood Diamond Jubilee show.

1976 Black Bear Canal partly drained (Kingsway to Stockton Heath).

1976 AUG New Town House, Buttermarket Street opened to staff.

1976 SEP Keys to £47,000 extension of Culcheth High School handed over.

1976 SEP 6 Great Sankey High School, Barrow Hall Lane, opened.

1977 Street parties take place all over the borough to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

1977 JUL 27 £100,000 fire at S & J Fitton Ltd, Cockhedge Lane.

1977 AUG Work begins on the construction of Black Bear Linear Park, Latchford.

1977 AUG 30 Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster, visited St Mary’s Church on Buttermarket Street to take part in their centenary celebrations.

1977 SEP 1 Cheshire County Newspapers takes over Warrington Guardian (now owned by Newsquest, a Gannett company).

1977 SEP 5 Warrington Crown Court sat for the first time. The result of the County Sheepdog Trials came later in the day. Verdict: Not Guilty!

1977 SEP 28 Woolston Park opened to the public.

1977 SEP 28 St James Church Latchford celebrated its bi-centenary.

1977 OCT 25 Marks and Spencer opened in the new Golden Square.

1977 Land in Oughtrington near Lymm purchased by the Woodland Trust became Spud Wood, a community woodland. See Warrington Green for more.

1978 JAN £150,000 face-lift at Walton Hall started.

1978 JAN The Government rejected plans for a congestion-beating scheme at Bridge Foot.

1978 MAY North Cheshire Archaeological Group excavated part of Warrington Friary on Barbauld Street. Transept Wall found.

1978 MAY Warrington’s talking newspaper for the blind started.

1978 MAY 23 £300,000 fire at Raddon Court DIY Centre, Latchford.

1978 JUL Second phase of Inner Ring Road began.

1978 SEP Appleton Grammar, Lymm Grammar, Lymm Secondary and Stockton Heath Secondary schools become High Schools as they go ‘comprehensive’.

1978 SEP 14 Warrington Lottery started.

1978 OCT First phase of Warrington District General Hospital completed.

1978 NOV 20 £1m fire in Farrell Street. Three business premises gutted.

1978 DEC 1 Six-day trading introduced for town centre shops.

1978 DEC 28 1.3 inches of rain. Many parts of the town flooded. 1.25 inches the following day.

1979 JAN 10 First edition of the Warrington Guardian Midweek newspaper is published.

1979 FEB Cold Shield Windows Ltd at Grange Estate, Woolston, becomes the 100th business opened in Warrington New Town.

1979 MAY 16 Bus station opened adjacent to Golden Square Shopping Centre, at a cost of £2m. Services started later in the year (November).

1979 JUN 4 New Out-patients department opened at hospital.

1979 SEP 1 Golden Square Mall opened to the public. Extended from September 2004.1979 SEP 1 Town Hall Gates unveiled following renovation, which involved painting them in gold leaf. They are now known as the Golden Gates.

1979 SEP The Girls’ High School on Menin Avenue, Wilderspool, becomes Priestley College.

1979 SEP North Cheshire College is formed by the merging of Padgate College of Higher Education, Warrington College of Art and Design and the Technical College.

1979 NOV 2 Queen and Prince Philip visit town to formally open the £28m Golden Square shopping centre. This time they stayed for half an hour (last time in 1968 was for 20 minutes!).

1979 NOV 25 Second phase of the Inner Ring Road opened.


1980 JAN 1 Warrington District General Hospital opened (a hospital had existed in various forms on the same site long before then).

1980 JAN 3 The Old Infirmary on Kendrick Street closed.

1980 Feb 21 St Mark’s Dallam licensed as a separate parish.

1980 APR 23 First meeting of the Warrington Church History Society.

1980 JUL Dick Saunders, British preacher, visited the town with his Way To Life evangelical crusade, working from a crown-shaped marquee erected in Bank Park. See ‘Way to Life’ section of My Warrington page.

1980 JUL 18 British Steel closed its factory on Bewsey Road.

1980 AUG 1 Culcheth athlete Michelle Roberts won a Bronze medal as part of the women’s 4×400 metre relay team at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

1980 Birchwood shopping centre opened. Fine Fare was the biggest supermarket, before being taken over by Gateway and now Asda. The centre also featured a Presto supermarket.

1980 Spectrum Arena, a £1.7m conference, sport and entertainment venue, opened in Birchwood. ITV staged snooker events and Channel 4 featured basketball. It is now home to Fred Done bookmakers.

1980 SEP 23 TV botanist David Bellamy opened Risley Moss Nature Reserve.

1980 OCT 17 Heavyweight boxing legend Henry Cooper visited Golden Square shopping centre.

1980 OCT 24 Boots opened its new Bridge Street store in the Howard Building, named after prison reformer John Howard.

1980 OCT 25-26 Heavy rain causes widespread flooding in north of town.

1980 NOV 1 Victoria Park maternity home closed. Now a restaurant.

1980 NOV 9 Orford Youth Centre burned down (reopened 15 Sep 1982).

1980 DEC 13 Thomas Risley Church, Glover Road, Birchwood, opened.

1980 DEC 24 St Paul’s Church Bewsey Road closed and later demolished.

1981 Armitage & Rigby cotton mill at Cockhedge closed.

1981 Roy Jenkins, who broke away from Labour to form the Social Democratic Party (SDP), campaigned in Warrington.

1981 APR 4 Appleton Thorn Village Hall formally opened.

1981 MAY 12 Junction Youth Centre, Admirals Road, Birchwood opened.

1981 MAY 21 Academy building moved 25 metres up Bridge Street. It was later demolished due to weakness.

1981 JUL 31 Birchwood railway station opens (but don’t tell Dr Beeching!).

1981 NOV 17-18 Overnight heavy rain. Parts of Grappenhall, Lymm and Latchford flooded.

1981 DEC 13-14 20 degrees Fahrenheit of frost. 5 ft snowdrifts in Penketh. Bus services abandoned.

1981 Latchford Library (in Post Office) closed.

1982 APR 29 Wilderspool Stadium main stand, burned down. It was the former home of Warrington rugby league club before they moved to the Halliwell Jones Stadium in 2004.

1982 MAY 4 Pop group “Rose Royce” performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1982 JUN 2 Duchess of Kent opens YMCA at Birchwood.

1982 JUN 6 Heavy rain causes flooding in Lymm, Thelwall, Birchwood and Culcheth.

1982 JUN 8 Padgate Library opened.

1982 JUL 3 Anti-nuclear weapon march from Winwick Street to Burtonwood took place.

1982 JUL 25 Sankey Valley Park opened.

1982 OCT 3 £700,000 Birchwood Day Centre for the Handicapped officially opened.

1982 OCT 23 ABC Cinema, Bridge Foot, closed.

1982 NOV 5 First editions of Birchwood, Lymm, Penketh and Stockton Heath Guardians.

1983 Gartons arable farming business closed down. (Did you know Gartons spelt backwards is snotrag?)

1983 Thames Board Mills closed down.

1983 Sankey Valley Park completed. The 15-mile park stretches from St Helens to Widnes via Warrington.

1983 Warrington Borough Council ranger service took over the management of Culcheth Linear Park on the site of the former Wigan to Glazebrook Railway Line. The land was acquired by the council in 1974.

1983 FEB First phase of Fordton Leisure Centre in Orford officially opened. Closed and demolished in 2012.

1983 MAY 14 A fireball hits Middleton Hall Farm, Houghton Green.

1983 JUN Liverpool University archaeological dig began at Bewsey Old Hall. It ran until June 1985.

1983 JUN 7 Freak storm kills a horse and wrecks a car. Many parts flooded.

1983 OCT 7 English rock band 10CC performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1983 NOV Lada Cars Snooker Classic took place at Spectrum Arena in Birchwood.

1983 NOV 18 “The Three Degrees” perform at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1983 DEC Greenings wire factory closed down on Bewsey Road. Company started in 1799.

1983-4 Armitage & Rigby’s Cockhedge Mill demolished.

1984 Oct 23 Asda opened at Cockhedge Shopping Centre (now known as  Cockhedge Shopping Park).

1984 Warrington and District Camera Club founded.

1984 Time Square shopping precinct opened on Bank Street.

1984 JAN 13 Cooling tower at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station collapsed in a gale.

1984 FEB 4 Major fire at Naylor’s timber yard on Chester Road attended by 15 appliances.

1984 MAY 27 “Bucks Fizz” perform at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood (and according to notes did so again on 28 September 1985).

1984 JUL 19 A 5-second earthquake tremor felt throughout the town. No damage reported.

1984 MAY 30 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the town and unveil the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party sculpture at Golden Square.

1984 OCT 2 Cromwell’s statue put back on show outside the Academy building at Bridge Foot after 4 years in storage.

1984 NOV 12 Warrington Day Care Centre, Allen Street opened (now Making Space).

1985 Thorn Cross adult open prison opened in Appleton Thorn on the site of the Royal Naval Air Station Stretton (HMS Blackcap).

1985 JAN 11 & 18 Two B & Q DIY stores open at Milner Street and Cockhedge Centre respectively (B & Q are Mr Richard Block and Mr David Quayle, who set up the company in Southampton in 1969 – true!).

1985 SEP 5 Coral Social Club opens in Cockhedge Centre.

1985 SEP 28 “Bucks Fizz” performed at Spectrum Arena, Birchwood.

1985 OCT 4 Oughtrington Community Centre officially opened by Bobby Charlton.

1985 OCT 22 Birchwood Library opened.

1985 NOV Wilderspool Stadium limited to crowd of 10,817 for safety reasons.

1985 NOV Mercantile Credit Snooker Classic at Spectrum Arena.

1985 DEC 14 The first Lymm Dickensian Festival took place.

1986 Rylands wire factory on Church Street closed.

1986 Monks Hall steel works closed.

1986 Additional Warrington Bridge opened at Bridge Foot to form a roundabout junction.

1986 Gaskells bacon-curers business closed down.

1986 MAY Mr Smiths nightclub opened for the first time in the former ABC/Ritz Cinema at Bridge Foot.

1986 MAY 6 Stockton Heath Community Centre, Ackers Road, officially opened.

1986 MAY 25 A Sport Aid event at Victoria Park raised around £15,000 for famine relief in Africa.

1986 AUG 30 Peel Hall Park officially opened to the public.

1986 OCT 26 Warrington Corporation Transport ceased to exist due to de-regulation of the buses. It became known as Warrington Borough Transport, an at-arms-length management company of the council. Meanwhile, London buses were first painted red on this day in 1929.

1986 Peel Hall Park opened to the public.

1986 Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up at 125 Bridge Street in order to make large shipments of new and second-hand Christian books and Bibles to needy areas. It concentrates mainly on Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, with smaller shipments being sent to other areas.

1987 MAY 25 Warrington Town were beaten 3-2 by St Helens in the FA Vase at Wembley.

1987 MAY 12 Lightning strikes house in Locking Stumps. House evacuated.

1987 AUG 20 Warrington Borough Transport introduced the Mini-Lines bus services for villages.

1987 AUG 24 Gateway supermarket opened at Westbrook. It is now Asda.

1987 AUG 30 The Burma Star Association unveiled a plaque at Bridge Foot War Memorial.

1987 SEP 17 Great Sankey Library gutted by fire – 20,000 books destroyed.

1987 SEP Wheelie bin system introduced in the town for rubbish collections.

1987 OCT 1 Ikea furniture store, the first in the UK, opened on Gemini Retail Park.

1987 NOV 1 Woolston and Martinscroft War Memorial unveiled.

1988 The Tudor Bingo Hall on Scotland Road was demolished (previously the Regent Cinema, and Prince of Wales Theatre before that).

1988 Spectrum Arena at Birchwood closed. The building is now the head office of Fred Done bookmakers.

1988 MAR 14 Westbrook Library opened to the public.

1988 APR 17 Control Tower at Burtonwood Air Base demolished by Bolton steeplejack Fred Dibnah.

1988 SEP 16 Anti-Cruise Missile demonstration at Burtonwood.

1988 OCT Toys R Us opened at Gemini Retail Park.

1988 NOV 25 Birchwood Tennis Centre opened. Cliff Richard has visited since it opened.

1988 Birchwood Lions International founded.

1989 MAR 24 AMC 10-screen cinema opened in Westbrook. It is now the Odeon.

1989 MAR 29 Duchess of York officially opened Long Lane Business Park.

1989 MAR 24 Gulliver’s World theme park opened near Westbrook/Old Hall.

1989 MAY 1 A riot at Risley Remand Centre causes £2m damage.

1989 MAY 9 £20m fire at Sanyo warehouse, Risley.

1989 JUN Greenall Whitley opened a £4.5m warehouse in Stretton.

1998 AUG 3 Queen Elizabeth II visited Hollins Park hospital in Winwick, where she chatted to nursing staff and was given a tour of the building as part of the 50th anniversary of the NHS. Meanwhile, The Duke of Edinburgh visited the BT centre in Westbrook and Daresbury Laboratory.

1989 SEP Information Centre in Poll Tax House opened on Rylands Street.

1989 SEP 30 The Warrington and Runcorn Development Corporation becomes The Commission for the New Towns.

1989 Alban Retail Park built on the former site of FIAT car spares plant on Hawleys Lane.

1989 NOV Westminster Nursing home opened in Old Hall by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

1989 Dec 5 Kwik Save supermarket, Academy Street, opened.


1990 Glassmakers Arms, Battersby Lane, demolished to make way for the new road and roundabout.

1990 JAN 23 Work starts on road improvements at the junction of Church Street, Mersey Street, Dial Street, and Fennel Street resulting in a new roundabout junction, now known as St Mary’s Green.

1990 JAN 29 Warrington Guardian reception moves to 58 Sankey Street. It is now based at Bridge Foot in the new Academy building.

1990 FEB 27 90 miles per hour gale with high tide. Victoria Park, plus parts of Walton and Latchford flooded. St John’s Roman Catholic School marooned.

1990 MAR 10 A protest against the Poll Tax took place on the Town Hall lawn, prior to the tax being introduced on 1 April 1990.

1990 APR 28 Warrington were beaten 36-14 by Wigan in the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley in front of 77,729 spectators.

1990 SEP 13 Great Sankey Library reopened after fire.

1990 NOV 30 St James’ Church, Westbrook, dedicated.

1991 Greenall’s ceased beer production. Gifford & Partners begin an archaeological excavation at the Wilderspool site after the brewery closed.

1991 Feb 27 Former employees of Greenall Whitley set up The Coach House Brewing Company on Wharf Street, Howley.

1991 SEP 23 Burtonwood Nature Park opened.

1991 Amateur performers stage “The North Face of Longshaw Street” at the Parr Hall. It followed the lives of people in Bewsey and Dallam from the beginning of the 1900s until the present day.

1992 Disability Awareness Day launched.

1992 Village Hotel & Leisure Club, Centre Park, opened.

1992 Building of Riverside Retail Park began.

1992 FEB 6 The Warrington branch of the Alzheimer’s Society founded.

1992 The old Post office on Springfield Street closed and moved to Golden Square (built in 1906).

1993 FEB 26 IRA Bombing of gas works on Winwick Road.

1993 MAR 20 IRA Bomb exploded in Bridge Street, killing two young boys, Tim Parry, 12, and Johnathan Ball, aged 3. Link to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace website.

1993 JUN 2 RAF Burtonwood formally closed. Stars and Stripes handed to Mayor John Taylor.

1993 JUL First edition of Shop News published. It was renamed South Warrington News in 2000 and features a link to the www.mywarrington.me.uk website on their homepage. Thanks for that, guys!

1993 JUL 31 Bewsey High School closed.

1993 AUG 29 Statue of Brian Bevan unveiled on roundabout junction of Wilderspool Causeway and Chester Road by St James’ Church. The roundabout was renamed Brian Bevan Island. The statue was later moved to the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Mike Gregory Way when Warrington Wolves left Wilderspool Stadium on February 2004.

1993 AUG 30 Warrington Youth Band began a tour of Hilden in Germany.

1993 SEP Barrow Hall Junior School formed from Lingley Infants School and Barrow Hall Junior School.

1993 OCT 25 A skateboard park opens at Birchwood.

1994 JUN 10 Croft Wing at Warrington Hospital opened by Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

1994 JUN 13 Marks & Spencer opened a new store at Gemini Retail Park in west Warrington.

1994 JUL 25 Morrison’s opened a supermarket on the site of the former Greenall’s brewery at Wilderspool.

1994 AUG 13 Staples office supplies opened at Cockhedge Shopping Centre (moved to School Brow in November 2004)

1995 AUG 27 Odeon cinema, Buttermarket Street, closed. Wetherspoons now occupies the site, previously Yates’s Wine Lodge.

1994 SEP 1 Penketh County Primary and Penketh Junior schools merge.

1994 SEP 7 The University of the third Age (U3A) Warrington branch formed. Link to their website, which includes a link to the www.mywarrington.me.uk website.

1995 Paddington Meadows nature reserve opened to the public. The land was donated on the condition that it was turned into a nature park.

1995 APR 16 Phone Day is launched by BT, when a ‘one’ was added after the first zero to dialling codes, changing Warrington’s from 0925 to 01925.

1995 APR 4 Bewsey Old Hall Conservation Society formed. Sadly, their request for National Lottery funding was rejected, despite the volunteers meeting up with Prince Charles who lent his support. The hall is now being turned into luxury apartments.

1995 APR Official opening of Walton Hall Heritage Centre.

1995 APR 21 Official opening of Guardian Street Medical Centre at the back of the hospital.

1995 APR 26 Second carriageway of Thelwall Viaduct opened on M6 to ease congestion.

1995 APR Five people were arrested during anti-nuclear demonstration at BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels Limited) in Risley.

1995 JUN Start of archaeological excavations at Abbey Farm, Risley, by Lancaster University (ended May 1996).

1995 Nynex lay cables throughout the town for the next generation of telecommunications, including broadband and TV signals. Lines now operated by Virgin Media.

1995 SEP Official opening of the Ophthalmic Centre at Warrington Hospital.

1996 FEB 5 Snow falls in Warrington. Blizzard brings the town to a standstill. Disruption for several days.

1996 FEB A £5.5m leisure centre was officially opened at Lymm Grammar School.

1996 MAR 31 Warrington Rugby Club becomes part of the Super League and summer rugby. Their first match was away against Leeds Rhinos, which Warrington won 22-18.

1996 FEB Opening of Mersey Bank House, Barbauld Street (Income Tax Offices).

1996 Official opening of Nolan House Job Centre, Mersey Street.

1996 Tetley Walker brewery closed.

1996 “The North West Face” climbing centre opened in the former St Anne’s C of E Church building on Winwick Road. The church relocated to Central Avenue, Orford.

1996 A rock music event took place at Victoria Park featuring some of the nation’s top bands. You didn’t need to be there to hear it all across Warrington!

1996 Snow fell in Warrington.

1996 Warrington Rugby Club becomes part of the Super League and summer rugby.

1996 OCT Warrington rugby league club adopted the named ‘Wolves’ to become Warrington Wolves from the following season.

1996 NOV 13 The Southern Expressway (Midland Way) opened.

1996 NOV 14 The River of Life monument at Bridge Street was officially unveiled by the Duchess of Kent as a tribute to the victims of the Warrington bombings of 1993.

1997 Canon James Colling of the Parish Church and Chaplain to the Queen, retired after 38 years in Warrington.1997 Warrington hosted its first Oktoberfest beer festival in the Parr Hall.

1997 The General Election campaign brought Shadow Home Secretary Robin Cook MP and Home Secretary Michael Howard MP to the town.

1997 FEB 11 River Mersey bursts its banks at Howley, Walton Locks and Penketh. Victoria Park flooded.

1997 Doug (later Baron) Hoyle, MP for Warrington, stepped down at the General Election.

1998 Pat Pointer of the Bewsey Old Hall Conservation Project meets with Prince Charles at Highgrove.

1998 Spectrum Arena at Birchwood reopened under new management.

1998 Former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, visited Broomfields County Junior School to personally collect money raised for the Princess Diana Memorial Fund.

1998 JUL 6 The Walton Lea Project was launched. The project provides supported employment in horticulture for adults with learning difficulties.

1998 Historic buildings in Warrington, including Bewsey Old Hall, were placed on the first-ever buildings-at-risk register.

1998 Northern Ireland Secretary Dr Mo Mowlam lends her support to a £1m peace centre in Warrington in memory of those killed in the 1993 Bombing.

1998 Warrington Archaeologist Mark Olly and his photographer Lesley Lowery find a 400,000-year-old stone tool.

1998 Royal Gala Ball held at Birchwood Conference Centre in the presence of the Duchess of Kent to raise money for a peace centre.

1998 APR 1 Warrington became a Unitary Authority.

1998 Birchwood Park came into existence when MEPC purchased land from the UK Atomic Energy Authority to build a business park in Risley.

1998 SEP 1 First broadcast of Wire FM, the independent commercial radio station for Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes – now broadcasting from Wigan!

1999 JAN 25 The first residents moved into St Rocco’s Hospice at Bewsey. Princess Alexandra officially opened the centre on 12 December 1999.

1999 APR 26 Warrington Carers Centre established at Garven Place in town centre.

1999 Winwick Hospital closed. It was replaced by the £18m Hollins Park Hospital.

1999 Proposals to reopen Kenyon Junction railway station, near Culcheth, are unveiled.

1999 Warrington’s David Fryar co-piloted the plane which beamed images of the total eclipse round the world.

1999 Warrington Worldwide daily online newspaper launched at Business Connections in April. The first monthly magazine was published in September 1999 and is available FREE at newsstands around the town and as a PDF download.

1999 SEP 24 TV and stage performer Bonnie Langford appeared in her own show at the Parr Hall.

1999 OCT 27 Stockton Heath fire station officially opened on Ackers Road.

1999 OCT 29 1970s and 80s punk rock group The Stranglers performed at the Parr Hall.

1999 NOV 24 TV comedian Phil Jupitus performed his comedy show at the Parr Hall.

1999 David Lloyd leisure centre opened on Cromwell Avenue South, Great Sankey.