Lumb Brook Valley

One of the first descriptions of this area was written for Appleton as a whole and is found in the Doomsday Book. “Epletune”, it says, “was and is waste” and has, “ …. a wood there half a league long and forty perches broad”.

In modern terms that would be approximately one and a half miles long by two hundred yards wide and could be the Dingle, although with such a scant description this cannot be certain.

One of the first known references to the ownership of the Lumb Brook Valley itself comes in an Ancient Charter (c.1190). At this time the land owned by Richard de Aston was handed to Adam de Dutton in reward for his homage and service at a rent of 12d (5p) per year.

From this period until the mid 18th Century the lands in Appleton, including the Lumb Brook Valley, were in the possession of the descendants of de Dutton, who, sometime between 1307 and 1322, adopted the name Warburton.

By the 1840’s the Lumb Brook Valley and its environs were in the ownership of three landowners Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton, Thomas Lyon and Thomas Parr. There has been woodland within Lumb Brook for at least one thousand years; therefore steps must be taken to ensure the woodland survives until the next Millennium.

Cobbs Estate

The Domesday entry comes under the Bucklow Hundred entry for Appleton Thorn, which also includes Lymm and Grappenhall as well as the two districts outside the modern boundary of Warrington, namely Dutton and Warburton.

Wildlife and the Environment

Appleton Dingle is one of our few remaining areas of ancient semi-natural woodland. It is a fantastic place to see bluebells, woodpeckers, nuthatches, warblers and other types of birds. Other water and woodland wildlife can be seen in the area, including moths, butterflies, foxes and four types of bat. It contains a mix of tree and plant species dominated by English Oak. Grid Ref : SJ 627847.

The Dingle – one of two places in Warrington with that name – the other is near Lymm Dam. And somebody has a sense of humour to put up the Zak sign – Zak Dingle is one of the best-loved characters in the ITV1 soap opera, Emmerdale! The beauty of the countryside can be experienced all around the Valley. Dingle Lane links The Dingle with Fords Rough.

Lumb Brook Millennium Green

Registered Charity Number 1078679

Within Lumb Brook Valley is Lumb Brook Millennium Green, a large open space for the community to enjoy the fresh outdoors of south Warrington. The Lumb Brook Millennium Green is managed by a group of volunteer under a limited company. The volunteers are people who live on the Cobbs Estate in Appleton, south Warrington. They welcome everyone who wish to join as a director, a volunteer or a member of the Lumb Brook Millennium Green community.

They are located off Lumb Brook Road alongside Lumb Brook itself. Dale Lane is on the opposite side of the green. At their website you can register to receive email news from them and keep in touch with the work – or even get involved!

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity dedicated solely to the conservation of our native woodland heritage. The Trust owns and maintains over a thousand woods throughout the UK, these woodlands are freely open for everyone to enjoy.

The Trust owns and manages parts of the woodland within the Lumb Brook Valley including Fords Rough, Pewterspear Woods and parts of the Dingle. To find out more about the Trust telephone 01476 581111,


From Warrington town centre take the A49 south through Stockton Heath. Turn left into Lyons Lane. At the roundabout turn right onto Longwood Road. Follow the road and turn left into Cann Lane and immediately left onto Dingle Lane. Parking is available on the side of the road and access by foot can be gained to the Dingle and Fords Rough.

It should be noted that due to the nature of the terrain the Dingle and Fords Rough are unsuitable for wheelchair access.

See Warrington Borough Council’s website for latest information on opening times and facilities.

Check with Warrington’s Own Buses for up-to-date information on bus timetables.