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For now, until I get round to adding all the sporting people to the page, please enjoy this tribute to Danny Murphy from Burtonwood who played for Bolton Wanderers.

Danny Murphy – Burtonwood Footballer, born 10 May 1922.

Danny Murphy. The Burtonwood milkman who played for Bolton Wanderers.

Information kindly supplied by Tony Cowley from The Burtonwood Village Site Facebook group. Become a member of the group to see more pictures

Hi everyone, today, 10 May 2022, we celebrate the amazing life of one of our local Burtonwood legends Mr Daniel Murphy. Dan or Danny to friends would have been 100 years old today.

For all those who knew Danny, they will have known him for his amazing football career, a man’s man, hard working local milk man and a true Tewitt to name but a few. The family have provided some photos and a short editorial into his life. I am sure you will be able to add to the story with your own memories. Happy Heavenly 100th Birthday Danny, your memory lives on and will I am sure enlighten, our youngsters of today. Written with respect of such a lovely man. Tony.

Daniel Murphy: Born 10/05/1922. Died 13/06/2001.

Father: Patrick Murphy born in Westport Co Mayo Eire.

Mother: Ann Cain from Fairclough Street, Burtonwood.

Pat and Jim Mannion travelled up from Nottingham in search of work in the Northwest coal mines. The friends got off the train at Earlestown Station and went into the Railway Hotel (recently demolished) to quench their thirst. They met two sisters, Ann and Mary Cain who were working in the Railway. Pat and Jim later married the sisters and moved to Burtonwood where the girls had grown up.

Danny’s parents first lived in Irish Row and then moved into 7 Fairclough Street where Danny and five of his siblings were born. The growing Murphy family also shared their home with two lodgers. The next move was to 18 Gorsey Lane, the family moved into their new home when it was brand new.

Pat and Ann Murphy had a total of eight children: Julia born in 1918, Nora, Danny, Pat, Billy, Molly, Tom and Sally. Tragically Tom died aged four and Molly aged 20.

Danny was a natural athlete, excelling in both boxing and football. His father told him he was better at football than boxing and so his footballing career began. At the age of nine he started playing for Burtonwood, the team photos show him at around the age of 14. Danny was also 14 when he started working at the Vulcan Foundry and 15 when he signed for Blackpool.

Blackpool sold Murphy to Bolton Wanders in 1946, where he stayed until 1957. He was playing on the day of the Burnden Park Disaster and was interviewed by the BBC on the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. On that terrible day Bolton’s opponents were Stoke and Stanley Mathews was also on the pitch.

Danny played alongside greats such as Nat Lofthouse, Harry McShane (actor Ian McShane’s father), Jackie Millburn and Tom Finney.

After leaving Bolton he played for Crewe Alexander, where he still holds the club record of 63 consecutive games. He left Crewe and signed for Rochdale. Danny played a total of 282 professional games. In his late 30s he played semi professionally for St Helens Town as he had purchased his milk round. He continued to work until 1986 when he retired and sold the milk business.

Danny was conscripted into National Service and was immediately signed up for the army football team. He scored nine goals on his first appearance against an RAF team!!!

Whilst on summer break from Bolton Wanderers in 1948 he travelled to Westport in the west of Ireland. Visiting his father’s side of the family whom he had never met. On this trip he met Agnes Corcoran a beautiful local girl, one of the original WAGs. They courted for three years and were married in Fahy Church, Westport on 27 June 1951. They were married almost 50 years, sadly Dan died only a couple of weeks before their anniversary. They had four children Eileen, Ged, Bernice and Patrick. Followed by 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

The Murphy family are so proud of what Danny achieved both on and off the pitch. He was a true gentleman, a devoted family man, astute businessman and devout Catholic, never missing Mass. His shining example has always been a template for how to live a fulfilling, good and honest life.

Thanks to all the Murphy family for this amazing piece of our local history.

Gone but never forgotten. I’m sure Danny will be having a few drinks up there with the growing family of Wooders building a new Village for us all.

God Night God Bless Danny, I hope you will all join me in wishing him a very Happy Heavenly 100th birthday.

Many thanks to the Danny’s family and Tony Cowley for supplying the information to mywarrington, which will become part of the Sporting People section just as soon as I can add the section to the website!